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In collaboration with PIXERF, we have a mission for you creatives out there!


Mission Brief : KL RUSH

Rush. Children running bare-footed on narrow streets. The thrill of zipping past gridlocked traffic on your motorcycle. The blur of morning commuters boarding their trains. Slurping noodles in a hurry, chasing away the sting of chili padi with iced water. 


In a bustling city of KL, rush means speed, noise, colours and life itself. It’s the restless soul of a city that never stands still – forever moving, dreaming, living and creating. And that’s our challenge to you. As someone who lives and breathes everyday life in Kuala Lumpur, how would you capture the city’s energetic rush with your camera? 


Upload your best and most creative shots to this Mission page. Two Mission Winners stand to win SGD150 each.

Click the image below to find out more or submit your photo!

FB Mission Overview.jpg
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